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We are neither a hotel chain, nor a long standing hotel.
We are a Caleño hotel (from Cali)  which was created in April 2019, therefore we are like this:


We are passionate: we care about every detail, so that your visit is unique and live an incredible experience.

We are friendly locals: we are your family, so we will make you feel at home

We are more “Caleño” than “El Chontaduro”: Come and meet us.

We are more than just a hotel. We are ROSSA PALMA


No matter the reason for your trip, if you are here to learn to dance salsa, to meet new people or just visiting the city, we will make sure you have an unforgettable time in our boutique hotel and restaurant in Cali, Colombia.

How about arriving from your long trip to a place that gives you that fresh feeling of vacation and relaxation; we have that tropical environment that you need to rest in the pool, with the sun of the city, good music, good food and good company.


There are many places close by to discover, the streets of San Antonio are lovely, in the afternoon you can receive a salsa class with our professional teachers, and in the night go to practice - "Azotar baldosa" as we say here, in a salsa club.



We’re located in the heart of historic Cali. 

A colonial neighborhood SAN ANTONIO

It’s easy to find us, but hard to leave.



By Taxi or Bus

When you arrive to the airport, you can take a safe taxi outside. It will take approximately 40 minutes to get to the hotel and will cost you approximately $50.000 pesos (US 15 aprox). Another option is to take a bus from the airport terminal. The bus will take you to the main bus terminal in Cali. It will cost about $6.000 pesos (US 2 aprox). Then you can take a taxi from the bus terminal to the hotel. This will cost approximately $11.000 pesos (US 3 aprox)

Rossa Palma


Calle 1 #4-93 San Antonio, Cali, Colombia |  Tel: +57 3215635887

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